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DashCommand is an app for your car. It turns your Android phone or tablet into an advanced display for your engine data. Want to know why the check engine. Details about new Opel Astra Elective If we remove the automatic access to Android Auto when we connect the phone, or we exit from this mode without. Турбо. Авто Opel Astra, 2012 года выпуска, цена 555 000 руб., Санкт-. 555 000 руб. Состояние: отличное. 79 000 км; автомат; бензин, 1.6 л; седан. Launched. Android Auto for Opel. Opel Official Website. Android Auto is compatible with the following vehicles. ADAM 2016-; Astra 2016-; Corsa 2016-; Insignia.